Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mommy i just want u to know

"I'm in love with you so. if you wasn't here id be in love w ur soul"

saying I'm proud of mommy is an understatement. she's proved to be the strongest person I've ever feasted my eyes upon. you should've seen all the wows, oohs and ahhs she was getting from the nurses & doctors. she's up and moving mostly on her own, shoot the docs even said they see her walkin again (w/out a walker) in less than a month. can u imagine that?? recovering from major surgery in a month!

well she's at rehab now and will be there for 2 weeks - then its back home. she's doing super extremely well and I know its through the power and faith in God. without him NOTHING would be possible.

as for me, I've been MIA with all these crazy hours I'm working. I've kept in touch w the music world and there's sooooo much goin on (ie - rihanna getting beat up by chris brown - there goes another great career down the tubes) the 50 cent & ross battle still continues on (what beef of his doesn't? - he'll never have ANYTHING on the L.O.X) and mr mark curry (for those that don't remember him, his character is played in the biggie movie. a scene he was in, was in the car when biggie shared with him about his mother's breast cancer, and he responded that both his parents died when he was young. he also featured on songs such as "bad boy for life" by diddy featuring black rob) has released a tell-all book entitled "dancing with the devil". this book is going to reveal deep dark secrets of bad boy in particular exposing diddy (being the devil). I heard him on an interview (wendy williams of course) didn't sound too bright but wendy praised the book, said it was a must read. HOP ON IT! if u read it before me, pleasssse don't spoil it :)

& I'm OUT!

praise God!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50 Cent & Officer Ricky Cartoon

the video speaks for itself.

told you i'd find it!

doesn't rick ross sound mad as hell? lol miss info couldn't say anything through out the whole interview she just kept laughing. he sounded ridiculous in my opinion. he know's he was tight when he saw that video of fif buyin her AND her friend: furs, ahem GUCCI - shoes, bags, & shades. talkin bout he was givin her comfort...lmao. what kind of comfort level do you think they left it at ross?

more on 50 & ross beef

i could not stop laughing through out this whole interview! how funny was he at the end talkin bout how he was showin tia some comfort. "she went through tough times" lmao 50 is soooo bad! lol he's goin hard at yet another career. only one i have yet to see him demolish is anyone off of d-block & this he knows!

fyi: ross better get back into the correctional officer field, cuz if that didn't kill his rap career, 50 sure will. lol

Monday, February 2, 2009

he is tooooo much

i'm tellin  you when 5O goes after you he goes HARD BODY!  check out this new video, of ross's baby mother spilling the beans, while having 50 buy her some furs & shit lol. i'm getting so frustrated cuz i can't figure out how to post this stupid video onto my blog (which if someone would like to help me with that, i'd greatly appreciate it).

however, here's the link to the youtube video of the 5O cent and Ricky Ross's baby mother interview:

Ross responded by saying he knew 50 was flying his baby mother around. um..u knew? lol stay tuned for further details!