Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knowledge.Over.Nonsense Session

“You put out a project, and you don’t know how people are going to react to it. And then to know that so many people loved and enjoyed it, it motivates me to finish the mixtape. Like oh they like my music, I have to give them more.” - KON

Dark tones, shelved records, a microphone and stereo equipment decorated his bedroom. Hip Hop artist, Kon, called it his studio. He poured a shot of wine for each one of his close friends there and toasted to their success. They sat down and began reminiscing the time they first met Kon. They laughed and joked about how he couldn’t finish one song for one reason or another. He spoke about first joining rap group “Unstoppable Unity” back in 99, who asked him if he was purposely trying to sabotage the sessions. "He would have us repeat the recordings, almost eight hours into one song," described Silent Knight a fellow group member. Clearly heard in his music, Kon was what his friends knew him as…the perfectionist.

Through cadence and flow, word pattern and rhyme scheme Kon has discovered his format of writing, making it easier for the listening human brain to latch on and remember. “Syllabliminal” is his term for it. Music on the Internet, especially free music, has also given accessibility for people to hear it right away, making it much more on demand. “Definitely guerilla style now; you have to pound in the door, and be multitalented in the industry,” he said. Rappers need to be well rounded and know how to make their own beats, their own recordings, their own promoting, and that’s when he decided to further his “knowledge.over.nonsense” and get his degree in music engineering. Learning how to make his own beats and record his own sessions, he didn’t need to rely on the industry to make his music.

Recently releasing his EP “Above the Clouds” he described his release party’s success as a result of word of mouth. His plan of action included exposing it for download so the public can freely taste his music, and then invading the streets and local open mic shows with his style. He worked hard to achieve a goal and succeeded with a wall-to-wall packed release party at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY. “I was still on a super high when I got off stage. It was unreal, hard to describe.” Kon spoke about his EP release party. “Family, friends, old group members, fans, supporters people that just heard the music, put together like that...they’re not even shouting my name, and I feel proud, like that’s my boy!” commented Silent Knight.

The EP included a track he wrote for his mother “Pretty Lights” where he illustrated his mother as a star above the clouds. In the song he describes her as a strong, hard working, single mother encouraging her son with his musical aspiration. Where on the other hand he had a song for his father “Forgiven” which explained how he had come to terms with not having a father around. “I tried to write that song maybe 4 or 5 times and it brought me to tears it brought me to anger and I’ve never been able to finish it, but after speaking to my sister I realized I had come to terms with it, where I could write this song more maturely. I have to pay homage to my parents they are what I am.”

Now, close to finishing his mixtape “Like It or Love It” (because you can’t hate it) and sitting in the front seat of underground music, Kon continues to challenge himself daily by consistently writing new music. Fans and fellow Hip Hop artists believe in him, and his future outcome in mainstream Hip Hop. “It’s about what you feel inside, if it’s catchy it’s catchy if it went platinum and it’s pop it’s popular and I’m fine with that. I hate “rules” in Hip Hop.”

Painting a true picture through his music, Kon continues to work on both his upcoming mixtape and upcoming album “My Glorious Imperfection.” With slick word play, poetic rhymes, catchy hooks and feel good instrumentals, Kon is striving to set a trend in lyrical Hip Hop. “It just comes to me and it’s not like something that I sometimes consciously think of; it just manifests itself…it’s that beauty I think I admire the most. It’s spontaneous and how it comes…it’s just beautiful…Hip Hop.”

-Carla Keyz

Kon's Performance at Public Assembly


Monday, October 4, 2010

Kon EP Release Party

Brooklyn, NY (PUBLIC ASSEMBLY) – “K-O-N! K-O-N! K-O-N!” the cult like crowd chanted, as their patience grew thin for KON to hit the stage. Performing tracks off his latest EP “Above the Clouds”, along with artists such as, Silent Knight, Maintain, Broadway, Raw Nature (who was also releasing their album) and others, opening for KON, the fans repeatedly made aware who they were there to see. Knowledge.Over.Nonsense Management equipped the “public assembly” with vintage plastic glasses, similar to the ones worn by KON, including family members of KON, such as “Momma KON”, his sister, niece and other relatives.

The soul Hip Hop artist was joined by band FUSE bringing live instrumental music, two turntables, and a mic, not to mention the poetic lyrics written and performed by the numerous artists that night. The enormous feel from the mass there to support KON and all the other artists was inexplicable. The hype this unsigned artist earned was one only seen for artists such as Wu Tang & Jay-Z, and to see it from an underground artist kicking his way through the doors of mainstream bringing Hip Hop back to its roots is beyond inspirational/motivational/stimulational/fortificational and all other ational’s in webster’s dictionary!!

Check out the video below for KON performance at Public Assembly, in Brooklyn, NY.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

BLOGSPOT!!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Using it mostly for school now, I figured I take advantage and put my feature articles on here. Stay tuned for all the latest information on indie artists, their music and their struggle in the industry. Hear about their aspirations, their personal goals, and everything else in between.

Stay tuned for my first article coming soon!!