Monday, October 4, 2010

Kon EP Release Party

Brooklyn, NY (PUBLIC ASSEMBLY) – “K-O-N! K-O-N! K-O-N!” the cult like crowd chanted, as their patience grew thin for KON to hit the stage. Performing tracks off his latest EP “Above the Clouds”, along with artists such as, Silent Knight, Maintain, Broadway, Raw Nature (who was also releasing their album) and others, opening for KON, the fans repeatedly made aware who they were there to see. Knowledge.Over.Nonsense Management equipped the “public assembly” with vintage plastic glasses, similar to the ones worn by KON, including family members of KON, such as “Momma KON”, his sister, niece and other relatives.

The soul Hip Hop artist was joined by band FUSE bringing live instrumental music, two turntables, and a mic, not to mention the poetic lyrics written and performed by the numerous artists that night. The enormous feel from the mass there to support KON and all the other artists was inexplicable. The hype this unsigned artist earned was one only seen for artists such as Wu Tang & Jay-Z, and to see it from an underground artist kicking his way through the doors of mainstream bringing Hip Hop back to its roots is beyond inspirational/motivational/stimulational/fortificational and all other ational’s in webster’s dictionary!!

Check out the video below for KON performance at Public Assembly, in Brooklyn, NY.

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