Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so many emotions...

I'm excited, overwhelmed, frustrated, ahhhhhhhhhh just so much is over taking me.

so from the beginning: i'm so excited! i went to see this amazing adviser at school and found out i have 9 classes left to graduate!!!! there were sooo many options running through my head, ie: do i want to stay longer and get my teacher's certificate? it sucks because i am so ready to be done with school and my anxiousness is keeping me from staying longer. i'm going back to talk to the chairmen of the college of education and see what my options are, but i'm leaning toward finishing now and coming back as an alternate route. imagine me - looking like these kids, trying to discipline & teach these kids ?? i figured after i graduate i'll look for an editing position somewhere; i'm secure til then, anyway. so that's that.

i have been sooooo sick and tired of my waitressing job. it's been killing me comepletely. with all the gossip: you have to worry about how you say things and who you say it around and then you have the table shark! IT'S FRUSTRATING!!!! it's an unfair treatment kinda job all this favoritism...DRAMA! i swear MTV should consider making it a reality show. it's the job i work the least amount of hours at, but acquired the most amount of stress from. i honestly can't say i know how much longer i am going to be there. soooo....

i spoke to a past manager and he said when i'm ready he'd take me back on as long as he had the business for it. GREAT! it's closer to home, a new start, somewhere a bit more organized. BUT do i want to continue with waitressing? i'm kinda tired of it. i know i want to go back to school and soon! i want to hurry up and finish what i started. i need to be somewhere i know i'll be able to have time to concentrate on school work.

THEN: i was offered a personal assistant position. nothing big to no one big, just someone with a lot on their plate and little time to do it all. it would just be a couple of times a week which is's a consideration.

then i get to thinkin: omG! all these bills ugh! i just want to be rid of them already!

but i'm trying to be positive. i'm seeing the glass half full. i'm trying to be healthy and sane this year. no stress, exercise, eat healthy. i try to go to the gym as much as possible, and eating healthy has been a difficult thing to commit to being that my life is on the go. then stress comes from this damn job that's been driving me insane! it's hard trying to squeeze total health into my schedule. i tell you, i can't wait til june, when my life could go back to normal.

WELL: i came across this drink called monavie. it's a fruit blend in a juice or gel form that you take twice daily. the crown jewel of this juice is the number one superfruit - acai berry. i'm still learning and researching this drink while taking it myself, and i must say - it most definitely gives me a natural energy boost to keep up with my congested life. the instant i take it i begin to feel it rush through my body and uplift me. meanwhile it's giving me the vitamins and nutrients i need daily. and i'm maintaining the correct number of servings of fruit required, according to the food pyramid. it's also high in antioxidants which help fight free radicals & diseases. long story short: it's claimed to be a miracle juice. i recommend it to all. soon i will have my website up and running, with all the details on my research, and how to purchase this miracle in a bottle.

see how my mind's been soaring...?

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  1. All I have to say is WOW... It sucks that I didn't read it before because now I know the outcome and how things played out.. lol But well, this is the first time in like months I log on..
    I am sooo glad that you are seeing the glass half full...
    Take care boo. Blessings