Wednesday, January 28, 2009

got everybody watchin what I do - come walk in my shoes & see the way I'm livin if you really want to;

"got my mind on my money & I'm not goin nowhere! so keep on gettin your paper & keep on climbing; look in the mirror & keep on shining. til the game ends, til the clock stops: we goin' post up on the top spot" -T.I

Man life has been hard lately. I'm aiming for a better year cuz 2008 SUCKED for me and everyone I know. I'm saying it sucks cuz i'm not swimming in pool in 85 degree weather, sippin on some happy juice :) Life as a grown up is totally different (i.e: chillin at home doin some homework, playin with your friends outside, watchin tv... aww man the LIFE!)

Well now it's my turn to take charge & become the adult (psh as if I haven't been for how many years already) - on Feb 5th my mother is going in for surgery and won't be working for 6 months. Now for those of you that don't know me, I am a workaholic! I'm the most money hungry chick you'll ever meet! I'm super waitress during the day & Pian
o mistress by night (throwing in my fitness moments @ the gym). I work everyday about 9-10 hr days and in addition i'm going to be taking over my mom's houses, too (cleaning houses every other day AHHHHH (x_X) lol .. a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

so my life's kind testing me at this point. I'm trying to take it day by day. I've turned my life around, living peacefully, putting the past where it belongs "it's called the past cuz i'm getting passed" - A. Keyz. Forgiving and moving on "the weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - mahatma ghandi

My main concern at this point is my family and how this is all going to play out. Thank God for having a big sister & brother to help out. Being the youngest of 3, 9 & 11 years apart, one thing a lot of people don't realize is how it feels to have older parents. Man my dad, he's the light in all of it. He's so positive and easy going. He's got his share of medical issues himself along with a possible upcoming knee surgery. Wow.

It's all a test. I'm ready for it. I have faith in myself, family & the most God. I know he won't let us fall, especially my mom.

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  1. Just remember that God will never give us more than we can handle. I am glad you have your siblings and of course you have Reef and us, your friends (if I may say that). I know you are ready, you are tough. I am so proud of you! Seriously, I feel like we've known each other forever... lol.. So you know you can count on me. Distance ain't nothing girl. MWAH!