Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"in order to change the world, we need to change ourselves"

So, I finally went to catch the new biggie movie "Notorious", matinee of course! With sold out seats in theaters all over the east coast, Notorious proved to be exactly its namesake!

For starters Jamal Woolard aka Gravy played an exceptional role as New York's King of hip hop The Notorious B.I.G. He brought out the side of Biggie none of us knew and every one grew to love.

Of course that's not all: Derek Luke (Diddy) NAILED THE PART - dance moves and all ; Christopher Jordan Wallace (Lil Biggie) is an exact replica of his father ; Angela Bassett (Voletta Walace) NAILED IT demonstrating her strength, emotion, & compassion through out ever line, every word spoken ; Naturi Naughton (Lil Kim) OH MY GOD - this girl was phenomenal...word on the grapevine is she didn't get any insight on Lil Kim's character through Lil Kim - strictly TALENT ; Anthony Mackie (Tupac) woooow he showed how hype and live Tupac really was ; LAST BUT NOT LEAST - kuddddoooooos to my girl Antonique Smith coming out of EAST ORANGE, NJ! I loved the scene where Faith get's a suspicious feeling about her new husband Biggie Smalls, and checks on him in a hotel room. Once she arrived her suspicions were confirmed - she brought out true sentiment as her character.

Imagine the length of this movie if Craig Mac, LOX, 112, Jay-Z, Mase, Busta Rhymes, etc would've just made appearances!

This is a story of LIFE & DEATH, strength & weaknesses, joy & pain. It corroborates the struggles of a man and his mistakes with a tragic ending. (of course this sap cried!) It teaches you the value of life, and how it's too short to follow your dreams. It teaches you to INCREASE THE PEACE, STOP THE VIOLENCE! We are all brothers and sisters and we need to unite and help one another.

If you haven't gone out to see it yet GO!

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